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Our team is comprised of highly seasoned real estate developers, brokers, attorneys, leasing professionals, financial analysts, property managers and business specialists.  Our principals and partners hail from diverse fields such as finance, legal, engineering, construction management and real estate brokerage.  The in-depth aptitude and collective experience of our team enables us to deliver on a diverse gamut of projects including new development and redevelopment. 

The full complement of our expertise is deployed from concept to completion, all the while balancing risks and potential to maximize the financial performance of an asset in its marketplace.  The strategy of the principals of River Caddis Development is to work closely together to ascertain the complete real estate development cycle for each and every anticipated and existing project in order to bring value to our partners and the communities we serve.

We Value Community and Conservation

We are focused on balancing the development process with the best interests
of partners, investors, municipalities, communities, regulatory agencies, and tenants.

We Take Complex Problems and Look for
Environmentally-Friendly Ways to Solve Them

Experienced Developers

River Caddis Development has successfully completed a number of upscale apartment projects, retail developments, office buildings, and mixed-use projects, including several with extensive environmental contamination and other challenges. The in-depth aptitude and collective experience of our team enables us to deliver on a diverse gamut of projects including new development and redevelopment. River Caddis Development and its members maintain numerous professional affiliations and its members are also supporters/members of numerous charitable, conservation, hunting and fishing organizations.

Meet Our Team…...

…...experienced, knowledgeable, and environmentally conscientious.

River Caddis acquired its name from Caddis flies, which are important to freshwater ecosystems as they clean the water and serve as food for fish, particularly trout. The founders of River Caddis Development, LLC are avid fly-fishermen and conservationists.