Our Approach

Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities

Collaboration is Key.  

River Caddis Development has acquired, developed or redeveloped almost two hundred million dollars of multi-family and commercial assets in multiple states including Michigan, Texas, Ohio, Florida, and Iowa, with pending projects in South Carolina, Arizona, Wisconsin and Colorado. What sets us apart is that our company is routinely sought after to evaluate complex ground-up real estate development opportunities because of our reputation to successfully collaborate at all levels of the planning process to bring a project to fruition.

The principals at River Caddis Development have a proven track record of consistently demonstrating the ability to navigate from the site selection process to the approval process to completion mostly due to creativity and the willingness to collaborate.

We are Experienced and Always Up-to-Date

Constant strategizing is the norm at River Caddis and something is always in the works! River Caddis Development is capable of handling a wide range of projects from complex Brownfield redevelopment to unique mixed-use, retail, and upscale multi-family projects.

River Caddis has earned its reputation by working closely with the municipalities and neighboring communities on its redevelopment projects to seek out a mutually beneficial path.

We Welcome a Challenge

While reviewing a site for development or redevelopment, obstacles are welcomed by the River Caddis Development team. No obstacle, regardless of its level of challenge, is beyond our team’s capabilities. Given our team’s diverse skill sets, we can quickly analyze all aspects of an opportunity and swiftly move through the due diligence process and get creative to bring a project to a close. Our approach via successful collaboration has been repeatedly demonstrated given our ability to focus on minimizing risk and maximizing reward to create value throughout the real estate process to benefit our stakeholders while at the same time improving the communities where we are situated.